Student Fee Remission Request

To ensure that your request for refund or credit is processed as quickly as possible, please include as many details as possible.

Student Details

Course Details

Please provide the full name of course that the request relates to. Please also include the course code if available.

Break in learning

If you are requesting a Break in learning I.e. you wish to defer your course for a year, please provide the relevant details here. Please read the explanation here before requesting this: PDF Explanation


Please provide a full explanaton of why you are requesting a refund/credit. Please include dates and details of payments made.


Please enter the amounts you would like refunded or credited below. Refunds are for money you have paid that you wish returned. Credit Notes are for outstanding balance you wish written off.

Please enter 0 if not applicable.

Additonal Files

Here you can upload additional documents to support your request.